San Antonio CVB Celebrates National Travel & Tourism Week, May 4-12

The San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau and local hospitality partners celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week, May 4-12, 2013 with a robust list of events, discount offers, and a local campaign aimed at educating citizens on the industry’s importance.

National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) champions the power of travel and is celebrated in numerous cities across the country.  In San Antonio, the hospitality industry generates $12 billion annually and employs one out of eight people or 100,000+ jobs.  As part of a local campaign set to run the month of May, the SACVB is messaging the industry’s positive contributions to San Antonio’s economy, business development, employment, and overall quality of life.

During NTTW, local hospitality partners organize several events to show their appreciation for the people that make San Antonio a world class destination - hospitality workers and public servants.  Their hard work plays an integral role in ensuring visitors have a positive experience in our city. 

The Partner section o f the SACVB website has a complete list of events and discount offers for National Tourism Week.

About NTTW
National Tourism Week is a collective effort across the U.S. to celebrate the cultural and social benefits created by travel and tourism. In San Antonio, travel and tourism has an estimated economic impact of $12 billion annually. It employs roughly 1out of 8 San Antonians and brings 28 million people a year to San Antonio. For a complete schedule of events, visit the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website:

About the SACVB
The San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, a department of the City of San Antonio, is funded through the hotel/motel occupancy tax. The bureau is a marketing, sales and service organization dedicated to the promotion of San Antonio as a meetings and visitor destination for the purpose of positively affecting the city's economy.