New Hippo Makes 1,200-Pound Splash at San Antonio Zoo®

Chuck Cureau |

A new juvenile hippo made his zoo debut this morning in the Africa Live! exhibit for the first time. The curious, very adventurous young hippo explored his new surroundings and even played in the water as he greeted his new fans. This was the first time he has been on exhibit to the public since arriving from ABQ BioPark Zoo in New Mexico last month.

“It is customary when acquiring new animals for them to spend a period of time off exhibit before being introduced to their new home or to other animals” said Alan Kardon, Vice President of Animal Care at San Antonio Zoo. “During this acclimation time, our veterinary team provided daily check-ups and our animal care team began learning more about him.”

As he gets acclimated to his environment, he will be making more frequent appearances and eventually the animal care team will start the introduction process to his grandmother, Uma, a long-time resident of San Antonio Zoo.

Last month, zoo officials announced the arrival of the 1,200-pound hippo. It has been 16 years since the zoo has had a young hippo in its care and that hippo was Karen, his mother. Karen also happens to be the offspring of Uma. The male hippo will get a new Texas name in the weeks to come.

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